Market Opportunity and Drivers of Growth: Early-stage ventures led by at least one female founder, CEO or  C-level executive in the U.S.

Source of Investment Opportunities: Top universities entrepreneur center.

Fund’s Competitive Advantages:

-  Investing small amounts of capital to work in capital-efficient ventures or lean startups, where iterative product development cycle to bring a product to market more quickly and capital efficiently.

- Team highly motivated to assist each portfolio companies, leverage the synergies of its investments or draw on the resources of its syndication partners in past deals to the benefit of the women entrepreneurs.

- Take an active role on board seats, and work closely with founders to accelerate progress to meet the milestones needed to secure the next round of financing, and to assist management team such as craft strategy, and recruit key employees.

Sourcing Advantage: Underserved/Geographic.

Level of Competition from Other Funds: Medium