Sources Explained Example
Unexpected Unexpected events, successes, or failures lead to opportunity. Financial crisis and the rise of bitcoins, Airbnb, and sharing economy.
Incongruities Economic reality industry, optimization of local, nonessential areas rather than system optimization, customer expectation, and internal incongruity with a process. Costs, processes, and quality of health care in the US. Digital health tools create new opportunities.
Process Needs Missing links or unmet needs. Payment processing or financial tech.
Industry and Market Structures Change in market as new competitions, new customers or new substitute. Enterprise software shifts cloud as services.
Change in Demographics Change in population, age, cultural, education. Aging population & health care needs.
Change In Perception Perceptional shift. Clean-tech or green energy in favor.
New Knowledge Discovery of new tech or materials. 3D printing, touchscreens, Bluetooth LE or internet.