Terms Descriptions
Fund size and Closing A closing will occur once the Fund has reached at least $ 5 million. The General Partner reserves the right to increase the maximum size of the Fund to $ 10 million.
Commitments Institutions: $ 100,000 minimum.
Individuals:  $ 25,000 minimum.
Investment Size Approximately $ 50,000 to $175,000 per initial investment. Maximum investment per company capped at 10% of the fund or $ 500,000.
Investment Stage Early-Stage startups led by at least one female founder, CEO or C-level executives.
Geographic U.S.A
Terms 10 years. The fund will invest aggressively in the first 3-4 years, and seek to realize returns on its investment in 6-8 years.
Investment Period After 4 years from the date closing , no new investment will be make but existing investments will be actively managed.
Fees The Limited Partners will pay the General Partner a management fee equal 2% per year on the capital already drawn to date.
Allocation and Distribution Upon dissolution of the Fund, proceeds in excess of each Investor’s original capital invested will be distributed 80% to the investors, and 20 % to the General Partner.